Event 24: Final Event Ends in 10-Way Chop

$200 Buy-In Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry) $50K Guaranteed

Level 24: Blinds 15k/30k/5k ante

Enos Smith - 1st Place
Enos Smith – 1st Place

When the final ten players got to the final table, they decided on a 10-way chop!

Here are the chip counts as of the chop:

Seat Player Chips

  1. Scott Cowan 366k
  2. Henri Azoulay 608k
  3. Rick Perez 363k
  4. Lance Foster 436k
  5. Herbert Woodbery 556k
  6. Enos Smith 1.115 million
  7. Evgeniy Catane 568k
  8. Steve Marcozzi 573k
  9. Andrea Orphanos 277k
  10. Robert Tanner 288k

Here are the finish positions:

1st Enos Smith
2nd Henri Azoulay
3rd Steve Marcozzi
4th Evgeniy Catane
5th Herbert Woodbery
6th Lance Foster
7th Scott Cowan
8th Rick Perez
9th Robert Tanner
10th Andrea Orphanos