2019 Showdown Live Updates

Championship: James Carroll Wins WPT Poker Showdown Championship ($715,175); Eric Afriat – 2nd Place ($465,120)

$3,500 WPT Poker Showdown Championship
$3,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure Payouts
Level 38: 400,000/800,000 with a 800,000 ante
Players Remaining: 1 of 1,360

James Carroll
James Carroll (Photo Credit: WPT)

James Carroll overcame a two-to-one heads-up chip deficit to defeat Eric Afriat in the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown WPT Championship.

On the fateful hand, Afriat raised the button to 2,000,000 and Carroll jammed. Afriat called and was racing for his tournament life.

Double Up Eric Afriat
Eric Afriat (Photo Credit: WPT)

Afriat: 6h6d
Carroll: Ks8d

The flop made it quick, falling KcKdQc improving Carroll to trips. The turn was the 3h while the river Qs sealed the deal. Carroll was anointed champion earning $715,175 and a $15,000 WPT Tournament of Champions seat while Afriat went down as the runner-up for $465,120.

Champion James Carroll
WPT Poker Showdown champion, James Carroll (Photo Credit: WPT)
WPT Poker Showdown champion James Carroll (left) poses with Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood Tournament Director Tony Burns

Six-handed final table results:

1st: James Carroll – $715,175*
2nd: Eric Afriat – $465,120
3rd: Maria Ho – $344,960
4th: Jerry Wong – $257,815
5th: Ami Alibay – $194,610
6th: Chad Eveslage – $148,380

Championship: Maria Ho — 3rd Place ($344,960)

$3,500 WPT Poker Showdown Championship
$3,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure Payouts
Level 36: 250,000/500,000 with a 500,000 ante
Players Remaining: 2 of 1,360

Double Up Maria Ho
Maria Ho (Photo Credit: Maria Ho)

Maria Ho jammed 8,100,000 from the button and James Carroll called from the big blind.

Ho: Ac5d
Carroll: KsQc

Runout: AsQhJdKc4s

Ho flopped the best of it, but Carroll took the lead scoring two pair on the turn. His hand held and Ho was eliminated in third place earning $344,960.

It was Carroll that scored the elimination, but even with Ho’s chips he went into heads-up play versus Eric Afriat at about a two-to-one disadvantage.

James Carroll – 18,800,000
Eric Afriat – 35,600,000
Maria Ho – Eliminated in 3rd place ($344,960)

Championship: Jerry Wong — 4th Place ($257,815)

$3,500 WPT Poker Showdown Championship
$3,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure Payouts
Level 36: 250,000/500,000 with a 500,000 ante
Players Remaining: 3 of 1,360

Double Up Jerry Wong
Jerry Wong (Photo Credit: WPT)

Eric Afriat raised under the gun to 1,000,000 and Jerry Wong moved all-in from the big blind for 3,900,000. Afriat called and Wong was at risk.

Afriat: 4d4c
Wong: Ad9h

Runout: JcJh6d3c5d

Wong’s ace-high was no good and the Florida resident and former November Niner hit the rail in fourth place.

Eric Afriat – 16,500,000
Jerry Wong – Eliminated in 4th place ($257,815)

Championship: Ami Alibay — 5th Place ($194,610)

$3,500 WPT Poker Showdown Championship
$3,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure Payouts
Level 34: 150,000/300,000 with a 300,000 ante
Players Remaining: 4 of 1,360

Elimination Ami Alibay
Ami Alibay (Photo Credit: WPT)

Jerry Wong was on the button and raised to 700,000. Eric Afriat called from the small blind only to see Ami Alibay jam 3,275,000 from the big. Wong called while Afria mucked. Alibay was at risk versus Wong.

Alibay: 9c9d
Wong: 8h8d

Runout: AhTc7hKh5h

Wong came from behind rivering a flush to bust Alibay in fifth place. Alibay scored $194,610 while Wong scooped the pot.

Jerry Wong – 15,875,000
Ami Alibay – Eliminated in 5th place ($194,610)